What Clients are Saying…

What an honor to have such sweet sweet clients AND willing to share their experiences with me! I’m the luckiest!


“We worked with Janel as our photographer for several huge milestones in our lives! My now husband and I hired Janel for our Wedding and Engagement sessions. We then worked with her for our maternity session and newborn session once baby arrived!

We loved or engagement session on the boat. It was our first time working with Janel, and we were a little uneasy. She has such a way of putting people at ease in front of the camera. Jason and I were able to connect as a couple and it shows in the Janel’s photography. Janel is incredibly open minded, flexible and spontaneous. This allows for unique and special moments to come to life in the images she captures.

We were a little apprehensive about the price of photography for our wedding, but we knew we’d regret it if we didn’t invest in it as well. I realized, however, that you get what you pay for.  When you hire a professional photographer, it is well worth it if you are going to be looking at these photos for the rest of your life. Janel was worth every penny. I wouldn’t hesitate to hire her again for other special moments. We were so glad we chose Janel to capture some of the most wonderful moments in our life.

I really enjoyed the private session right after our wedding ceremony. Jason and I were both so elated after what was such a powerful, emotional event. It was wonderful to be alone together and have those moments captured. Janel was able to channel the magic of those fleeting minutes into her photography and every time I look at those photos it’s as if I am transported back to that special place. Looking back through the photos, we are taken right back to that time and place and it is magical! We love our photos, they are so special and absolutely beautiful. Worth every penny.

When we hired Janel for our newborn photography session, I was a little concerned that our unpredictable newborn would make our photo shoot difficult. Janel knew exactly what to bring and do to ensure an easy session. Baby went to sleep and Janel was able to pose her and work with her without disturbing her at all! It was amazing!

If you want to have a fun session with someone who is incredibly creative and takes her work very seriously, choose Janel. Without a doubt you will be given beautiful photography. Janel is someone you will want to return to again and again to capture life’s treasured moments.”

:: Beth ::



“I had no fear hiring Janel for my engagement photographs. We loved everything I had seen of hers prior to our session. There were concerns about spending money on photography, but I thought the engagement session price was very reasonable. I am happy we did it, the results are amazing. My favorite part was when we were up at Schweitzer. We just felt more “in our element” and therefore in our comfort zone. I love how Janel took who we are as individuals and as a couple and created a session that felt unique to us. She definitely captured the love and admiration that we have for each other in an image.”

:: Melissa ::


Client Reviews

“When I hired Janel to take my family photos, my son is 3, so you never know. Of course, he had a touch of a bug, so I was really especially nervous. The session went GREAT! Janel has little kids of her own, so she knew just how to turn his frown upside down – Janel is great with kids! The whole session was really good – we were really comfortable and it went by so fast! Janel is great capturing the ‘caught’ moment. Also she really knows light and composition, so you are going to get something special. Really elevated. She is a pro in every aspect!”

::  Kris ::



“I hired Janel to take photos of my newborn.  I was a little concerned about my  session considering my baby was already 3 weeks old. Janel new exactly how to keep my baby calm and comfortable. She was so patient and professional, yet showed lots of compassion in her work and clients. Capturing the family portraits together was my favorite part of the session. Janel did a great job capturing brotherly love between my 3 yr old and my 3 week old. She also made sure to capture everything I wanted out of the session and brought great idea’s to help execute them. I would highly recommend Janel to anyone looking for Family/Child/Newborn photo’s. She is highly professional and very caring to her clients needs and wants out of the session. She has great communication and a personality that shines. I was very comfortable with Janel from the minute she walked through my door.”

:: Christy ::


Client Reviews

“I didn’t have any fears hiring Janel to take my family pictures! She just makes it fun, fast, and painless! I absolutely recommend Janel! She is creative and captures all of the right moments. As soon as I got the engagement and family session pictures back Janel took, I couldn’t wait to share them! One of them is on Pinterest and it keeps getting pinned and re-pinned!! We are excited to plan another session with Janel after our grand-baby arrives!! Thank you so much! I can’t wait to get my canvas!”

:: Wendi ::